What is MIDAC

The MIDAC, International Dynamic Museum of Contemporary Art, is a project of Terra dell’Arte, international cultural association.
The Museum is located in the former Church of Saint Sebastian, in Belforte del ChientiProvince of Macerata,  Italy.

The project was possible thanks to the consideration of the government of Belforte del Chienti. The Municipality has granted the space believing in the initiative, confident to provide a significant space to all the citizens and all the lovers of the art from every origin.
During the last years, Terra dell’Arte has achieved, through the development of its international projects (arslatina, aradbiennale, ventipertrenta), the creation of a Contemporary Art collection of indisputable value.
All kinds of visual expressions are represented in this collection (painting, sculpture, photography, digital art, video-art, etc.) and the artworks have been accomplished by artists from all over the World.
Alfonso Caputo and Laura Castanedo, share the Artistic Direction and Chief Curator, supported by an International Committee of Artistic Quality.

* * *

The former Church of San Sebastian

Outside the town, a few meters from the walls, rises the church of Saint Sebastian. Restored and enlarged over the centuries, was built by the community to protect the city against the plague, under permission granted by the Bishop Vicar of Camerino in 1479.

The portal of San Sebastian is a wonderful example of a quarry portal, floral Gothic of the fifteenth century. On the right side of the church there is another portal, framed by sandstone decorated in Renaissance style of the sixteenth century.

Along the walls, near the altar, are the votive origin (XV-XVI) frescoes dedicated to St. Sebastian. Above the niche the “Crucifixion with the Virgin and St. John the Baptist” can be seen, commissioned by the Confraternity of Saint Sebastian in 1482. There are also perfectly identifiable figures of various saints such as Saint Sebastian, San Roque and San Antonio Abate.

Since 1920, the old church of Saint Sebastian n is surrounded by trees, which have almost a hundred years, planted in memory of the citizens of Belforte, who had died protecting the country in the First World War.

The building, now unchurched, hosts the MIDAC, Dynamic International Museum of Contemporary Art, founded and curated by Terra dell’Arte, since 2007.