Ventipertrenta2020 – Press release about the Award Ceremony

13 Dec

The 2020 edition award ceremony will take place on Saturday 19 December 2020 at 5.00 pm. During the ceremony, the catalogue of ventipertrenta2020, relating to the current edition, will be presented, while the Ventipertrenta General Catalogue, already visible online, will be soon available in a printed version.

Award Ceremony of ventipertrenta2020

H: 19 dic 2020 05:00 PM (Rome time)

Join the meeting in Zoom

ID meeting: 745 2895 9132

Passcode: xWdK6a

We remind you that the ventipertrenta2020 exhibition can be visited at the link:

Ventipertrenta General Catalogue

12 Dec

Published the Ventipertrenta General Catalogue – first edition November 2020

Click on the cover to open the online catalogue

Ventipertrenta2020 – Press release about the presentation of the General Catalogue

23 Nov

We remind to all our friends and artists that the sixteenth edition of twentypertrenta continues and that it is still possible to vote for the participating artists, by connecting to the festival website,, until 13th December 2020.

We also remind that the exhibition can be visited at the link:

We are very proud to say that so far there have been more than 600 visitors.

The ventipertrenta2020 catalogue, relating to the current edition, will be presented during the awards ceremony that will take place on the last weekend of the festival, while the Ventipertrenta General Catalogue is ready and will be presented, live online, with an event to be held on the zoom platform on Saturday 28/11/2020 at 5.00 pm.

To join the meeting in Zoom

ID: 796 6425 0649

Passcode: dv6ybc

Ventipertrenta2020 – Opening

7 Nov

This year our ventipertrenta international digital art festival has reached its sixteenth edition.

Despite the passing of the years it maintains its freshness intact with the participation of artists who are now constant presences and with the entry of new artists who appear for the first time in our world.

Ventipertrenta currently is a consolidated international artistic community which, thanks to all the artists who make it up, continues to investigate on the potential of digital art.

It is an open and lively laboratory that we are proud to have created and we are sure that the public will appreciate the intensity and beauty of the artistic proposal that also this year it is on a very high level.

This is the link to visit ventipertrenta2020

Alfonso Caputo and Laura Castanedo
ventipertrenta Artistic Directors

Ventipertrenta2020 – Press release

11 Oct

The Artistic Direction of the international festival of digital art “ventipertrenta”, arrived in its sixteenth edition, considers very important provide some information to all artists and digital art lovers who follow the festival.

Entry fee

This year it was decided that participation will be free for all artists who want participate in consideration of the possibility that, due to a potential worsening of the situation linked to Covid 19, exist the condition of carrying out the festival exclusively online occurs.

All the artists that want take part in ventipertrenta2020 don’t have to pay the participation fee.

Online voting

As regards online voting, we remind you that only one vote can be expressed for each email address used and for each name indicated.

All votes that will be sent indicating the same name or the same email address several times will be considered valid only one time by the organizing committee.

It will be possible to vote, by connecting to the festival website, until 13 December 2020.


Terra dell’Arte, international cultural association, which has conceived and produced the festival since its inception, has prepared a general catalog of ventipertrenta that will certainly be published this year and presented at the festival’s award ceremony.

Awards and award ceremony

The results of the Popular Jury and those of the International Jury will be made public during the awards ceremony which will take place on 19 or 20 December 2020.

Finally, we remind all interested artists that until the next October 30th it is possible to register for ventipertrenta2020.