Ventipertrenta2020 – Press release

11 Oct

The Artistic Direction of the international festival of digital art “ventipertrenta”, arrived in its sixteenth edition, considers very important provide some information to all artists and digital art lovers who follow the festival.

Entry fee

This year it was decided that participation will be free for all artists who want participate in consideration of the possibility that, due to a potential worsening of the situation linked to Covid 19, exist the condition of carrying out the festival exclusively online occurs.

All the artists that want take part in ventipertrenta2020 don’t have to pay the participation fee.

Online voting

As regards online voting, we remind you that only one vote can be expressed for each email address used and for each name indicated.

All votes that will be sent indicating the same name or the same email address several times will be considered valid only one time by the organizing committee.

It will be possible to vote, by connecting to the festival website, until 13 December 2020.


Terra dell’Arte, international cultural association, which has conceived and produced the festival since its inception, has prepared a general catalog of ventipertrenta that will certainly be published this year and presented at the festival’s award ceremony.

Awards and award ceremony

The results of the Popular Jury and those of the International Jury will be made public during the awards ceremony which will take place on 19 or 20 December 2020.

Finally, we remind all interested artists that until the next October 30th it is possible to register for ventipertrenta2020.

Opening of entries in ventipertrenta2020

9 Aug

In this sixteenth edition ventipertrenta will be organized by categories:

  • Digital Art

  • Digital Photography

Digital Art
This category includes all the works obtained through digital intervention.

Digital Photography
This category includes digital photographs. To be considered as such should not have been handled affecting its photographic nature.

How to participate

Each artist can participate in only one category with two works.
The artist must fill in the online entry form and send the files works (jpg) and the receipt of the registration fee to the following address:
Will be rejected artists who will propose works that contain elements offensive or discriminatory in terms of religious, political or sexual.

The artists have to complete the following actions, before 
October 30th 2020:
fill in the online entry form
– send the images
– pay the participation fee

For all the information, to download the rules and fill out the online form, click here.

MIDAC Museum – June 27th, 2020

27 Jun

Today, Saturday, June 27th, at 5:00 p.m. reopens the MIDAC Museum.

We remind to all our friends and supporters that it is essential to respect security measures.

See you this afternoon.

The MIDAC Museum reopen

20 Jun

We ask all our supporters and friends, lovers of art and culture, to have another week of patience. We are still busy finishing some details and therefore we decided to reopen the MIDAC Museum
Saturday 27 June at 17:00
it will be a special event in which, in compliance with all the safety regulations envisaged in this very special period, we will be happy to reopen the doors of our museum.

Reopening of the MIDAC Museum

2 Jun

After a long silence, due to the pandemic of the corona virus, it seems appropriate to take stock of the situation.

Like all the years, also for this 2020 we had prepared the usual calendar of events.

Below is the calendar prepared.

  • Saturday 04/04/2020 – Sunday 19/04/2020
    (id)art_fest 2019 – international video art festival – 14th edition

  • Saturday 09/05/2020 – Sunday 28/06/2020
    Heleen Van Tilburg – Netherlands

  • Saturday 06/06/2020 – Sunday 26/07/2020
    Victor Ceprian Cortez – Spain

  • Saturday 04/07/2020 – Sunday 30/08/2020
    Gabriel Gonzalez Carreño – Argentina

  • Months of June, July, August and September
    Summer Nights – Theater, Dance, Music and Poetry festival – 10th edition

  • Saturday 12/09/2020 – Sunday 25/10/2020
    Giancarla Lorenzini – Italy

  • Saturday 07/11/2020 – Sunday 20/12/2020
    ventipertrenta – international digital art festival – 16th edition

The Prime Ministerial Decree of 09/03/2020 forced us to close the MIDAC Museum.

The first and immediate consequence was to review all the programming, evaluating the situation with the artists involved.

By mutual agreement it was therefore decided to move the events highlighted in green to next year, ie 2021.

Therefore the appointment with Heleen Van Tilburg, Victor Ceprian Cortez and Gabriel Gonzalez Carreño it has only been postponed not canceled.

As for our international video art festival (id)art_fest this year’s edition has been canceled and therefore the fourteenth edition will be held in 2021.

The Prime Ministerial Decree of 17 May 2020 allows the reopening of the museums.

We are therefore now organizing for the reopening of the MIDAC Museum.

Supposedly the events highlighted in blue are therefore confirmed even if we ask everyone to follow our communication channels to be updated in real time on the events that we will propose.

If everything will goes according to our wishes and efforts, the MIDAC Museum will be reopen Saturday 20 June 2020.

Here are our contacts.
phone +39 0733 90 64 05
mobile +39 348 80 92 784