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Charo Carrera at the MIDAC – opening photos

16 Sep

Charo Carrera at the MIDAC – opening

14 Sep

Terra dell’Arte and the MIDAC Museum, remind to all their friends that tomorrow night, Saturday 15th of September, at 9:30 pm, at the former church of Saint Sebastian, in the historical center of Belforte del Chienti, will be the opening of “Ancha es la vida solo show of Charo Carrera (Spagna).

We await many of you like always.


Charo Carrera at the MIDAC – meeting with the artist – photos

14 Sep

Charo Carrera at the MIDAC – Alfonso Caputo’s text

13 Sep

In this project, Charo Carrera, an artist with a thousand expressive forms and endowed with a strong planning ability, leads us to reflect on the breadth of life that includes everything.

Of course it includes: the land on which humanity lives, depicted with rich details in the maps, fruit of experience and technique; the stones that compose it and cover it, which can sometimes rise up rebelling against the force of gravity; the houses, which man designs before building, trying to imagine the effect that the building will have on the whole that surrounds it; the mummies, which, after all, are the nostalgic humans who do not want to think about abandoning this land.

Everything is wrapped in a unique joint in which, little by little, it becomes impossible to separate an element from the other even if each of them remains identifiable thanks to the skill of the artist.

The support, be it paper or canvas, enhances the content that, rather than being represented on it, seems to come out of it with power and energy.

If life wants to be broad it can only be so long as it creates, channels and expresses a great deal of energy.

The creative energy of Charo supports us while, referring to her work, we look for references to not lose the orientation.

Getting lost could prove to be fatal for those who want to fully perceive the strength of this project. Awareness is essential to follow this path to the full.

Harmoniously composing these elements between them is not a simple operation and requires extreme clarity and lucidity to those who decide to face this challenge.

Charo Carrera has done it, and continues to do so since this is a project still open, with the strength of the sign that distinguishes her in all her artistic action.

Proof of this is her powerful production in the field of land-art that, in fact, the artist manifests following the same design steps, but applying them in a natural/human/urban context.

Life, therefore, can only be extensive if we decide to expand it and this exhibition is a concrete example of this. Not to be missed.

Alfonso Caputo
Artistic Director of the MIDAC Museum
September 2018, Belforte del Chienti

Charo Carrera at the MIDAC – meeting with the artist

13 Sep

Tonight, Thursday 13 September, at 9:30 p.m. at Palazzo Bonfranceschi meeting with Charo Carrera for a conversation of the artist on the theme of the exhibition.
An opportunity to learn more about the work of a great artist.