Ravikumar Kashi at the MIDAC

1 Jul

The artistic season of this 2018 of the MIDAC Museum in Belforte del Chienti, opens with the fourth event of the year which “Path to harmony solo show of Ravikumar Kashi (India). The exhibition, curated by Terra dell’Arte and with the patronage of the Municipality of Belforte del Chienti, will be held in the former church of Saint Sebastian in the historical center of Belforte del Chienti, from Saturday, July 7th to Sunday, August 26th.

Ravikumar Kashi, was born in Bangalore, India, in the 1968. He completed his Bachelor in Fine Art, specialization in painting, from Chitrakala Parishat in Bangalore, in 1988. Master in Fine Art in printmaking from the prestigious faculty of fine art in M.S. Baroda University, in 1990. M.A. in English from Mysore University, in 1995. He learnt handmade papermaking in Glasgow School of Art, United Kingdom. He also learnt Hanji, traditional Korean papermaking, from Jang Ji Bang, Korea. He has shown his artworks in solo and group exhibitions, across the world, in museums, galleries and art fairs. He writes on art in Kannada and English and teaches as associated professor in an architecture college.

A very special journey along different photographic expressions of the multifaceted artist Ravikumar Kashi. Starting from the abstract and passing through the spirituality and strong traditions of India, his native country, we can complete this circular journey until we arrive/come back to the beginning/end point, that is human beings and their relationships, finding the harmony of form, the point of fusion between two different parts of a unique universe.”

(Alfonso Caputo)

Opening Saturday, July 7th at 9:30 p.m.
with the presence of the artist
former church of Saint Sebastian
historical center of Belforte del Chienti


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