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Ravikumar Kashi at the MIDAC – opening photos

8 Jul

Ravikumar Kashi at the MIDAC – opening

6 Jul

Terra dell’Arte and the MIDAC Museum, remind to all their friends that tomorrow night, Saturday 7th of July, at 9:30 pm, at the former church of Saint Sebastian, in the historical center of Belforte del Chienti, will be the opening of “Path to harmony solo show of Ravikumar Kashi (India).

We await many of you like always.


Ravikumar Kashi meets Fotoclub Diaframma Zero

6 Jul

Ravikumar Kashi at the MIDAC – papermaking workshop

4 Jul

Ravikumar Kashi at the MIDAC – Alfonso Caputo’s text

2 Jul

A very special journey along different photographic expressions of the multifaceted artist Ravikumar Kashi. Starting from the abstract and passing through the spirituality and strong traditions of India, his native country, we can complete this circular journey until we arrive/come back to the beginning/end point, that is human beings and their relationships, finding the harmony of form, the point of fusion between two different parts of a unique universe.

The apparently abstract images, captured patiently in different places of the world, are the basis of a path in which the importance of the details is underlined even when the research is aimed to identifyng something universal.

Without the doors closed, the writings on the walls, the colors illogically matched, could not begin a silent dialogue in which the exterior acts as a mirror for an interiority not always ready to materialize and take shape.

And so also the ephemeral power put into the field by warriors, unaware of being puppets at the service of skilled maneuvers, becames fundamental for the simple reason that one is moved by the thought of these desesperates people who, even thay are plastic, will have no escape in a lake colored by the red of innocent blood.

It is the emotion that counts. The perception of reality matters more than the same reality.

And it is in this context that Ravikumar Kashi proves capable of taking us by hand without becoming a cumbersome presence.

The time in the human dimension compared to the transcendent one appear very small, especially in a world, India, very rich in spirituality.

Naturally we move into a different dimension, the only possible if we really want to overcome a material vision of relationships, even and above all among human beings.

A harmony of senses and spaces that floods the daily life, otherwise dull in seeking possession, where, however, nothing can exist without the deep understanding of being inextricably linked to all the components of the universe.

Alfonso Caputo
Artistic Director of the MIDAC Museum
July 2018, Belforte del Chienti