Laura Beckman at the MIDAC – Alfonso Caputo’s text

9 May

Libro, hombre, arbol by Laura Beckman

Every artist is reflected in his works.

The same choice of the expressive medium is closing connected to the more deep nature of the artist.

Also in the case of Laura Beckman this principle demonstrate its validity.

The artist book is a very particular form of art that, in fact, encloses in itself many different techniques.

Every element that compose it request, for its construction, appropriates knowledge and skills. Its harmony depend a lot by the realization of each detail. Its strength is the completeness of the whole that, when is well developed, it allows to the artist to represent a complete story.

Laura Beckman in her artist book put her care on the weaving generated by the three elements that give the origin to the title.

The book (libro): the body that included everything. It’s the container, but at the same time the thread that unites all.

The man (hombre), the human being: the ones that do the action, the subject that reach the emotions, and transform them in material, that lives the stories.

The tree (arbol): the immense strength of the nature that with patience transform himself in scenery and hugs the man and his stories, his memories and his weaknesses.

The tree is the wisdom with an ancient flavor, but also the essence of the life (present, past and future).

Incarnates the spirit of the natural kingdom also when, by the human hand, it is converted in a genealogical tree, metaphysical and material at the same time.

Laura Beckman builds and after sews and unites, with her wires, light and strong, the elements of the book.

She collects every component of this tree to make her artist book.

Every time different, but neverthless every time egual.

Different histories that flow in her personal history like woman and artist, delicate and strong at the same time.

A book to see, a story to know, an emotion to share.

Alfonso Caputo
Artistic Director of the MIDAC Museum
May 2018, Belforte del Chienti


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