Joaquin Rodriguez at the MIDAC – Alfonso Caputo’s text

8 May

La invención del desierto by Joaquín Rodríguez

Even the desert has its beginning and its end.

But the horizon is hypothetical when we talk about desert. The desert always seems to never end.

More we advance and more the conditions become impossible.

In the desert, everything loses its original form, maintaining, barely, a small semblance of itself.

Dissolution seems to be part of a process in which nature regains possession of what it’s own since the origin of time.

These different sets of photographs by Joaquín Rodríguez, apparently distinct from each other, are part of of a unique entity.

A unique entity that starts from the outside, from the desert surrounding a city born unbelievably where it should never have been, to slowly reach the center of the subjective interiority of the human being, towards its essence, made of its time, of the his loves and his pains.

A dissolved family anchored to his story in the photos of his time, abandoned by those who wanted to escape his own story.

A horizon line composed of searched and highlighted details that speaks of lost memories.

A set of photographs each of which is evidence of a vanished presence, one-way trips, missed home returns.

The sweet portraits of a family childhood.

Joaquín Rodríguez lives all this intensely and uses all the techniques of photography to emphasize each step.

Different techniques, but identical emotions.

A concrete demonstration that not the technique, but the emotion is what remains.

It is not the answer, but is the question the thrust of the movement.

Sometimes the questions that are most difficult to answer are those whose answer is known.

Better stop a moment before.

Better, much better, let go himself of the emotions that slowly, like a lullaby, lull us and lead us to a dimension in which there is no longer true or false.

It is the magic of photography.

It is the magic of photography by Joaquín Rodríguez.

Alfonso Caputo
Artistic Director of the MIDAC Museum
May 2018, Belforte del Chienti


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