Trillizos Torres Pacheco at the MIDAC – Alfonso Caputo’s text

7 Nov

¿Donde estamos? (Where are we?) by Trillizos Torres Pacheco

A question like this can not predict a single answer.

In this question there are many questions.

Are the Trillizos Torres Pacheco, three artists who form a collective authentic, three brothers who have always lived side by side, that ask this question to themselves and to others.

Their response is entrusted to a series of artworks that have been made right in the place where they are being proposed for the first time.

It is their first time in Italy. It is their first time in Belforte del Chienti and surely in this question there is the sense of their artistic production of recent months.

They walked through the steps of who created this village and kept alive by absorbing the ancient and magical stories of this castle.

They observed and snatched the details of each stone that makes up this hamlet.

They extracted an answer, their answer to the question: where are we?

Symbols and images.

Images that become symbols arising from the transformation made by their talent of young artists.

Symbols that make images thanks to their patient work made of excellent technique and remarkable creative ability.

The answer of the others, if the question was addressed to them, what would be?

Would it be the result of the complaints that, from when the world is world, accompany as a litany the path of the human being, or would it be surprised to find out how much they have seen in this place three artists rich in sensitivity and talent?

Everyone is free to choose and in his own choice each one reveals his deeper being.

It would be better to take some time before answering.

At least the time it takes to enter the world of this project of the Trillizos Torres Pacheco and to find out how young people who have come from afar, can offer new words to answers that sometimes are too banal.

They have decided to be in a world where sensitivity, culture, art and humanity still have a central role and their decision is fully reflected in this project.

Alfonso Caputo
November 2017
Belforte del Chienti


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